What is e-Swecha?

e-Swecha is a free software project initiated by the Free Software Movement in India and is aimed at developing a free Operating System to, for and by the engineering students.

The name is derieved from "E(ngineering)- Swecha" [ Swecha is the telugu word for 'freedom' ]

Who developed e-Swecha?

The e-Swecha OS is not built by a software firm.. neither is it built by a few programmers.. it is a collaborative work of hundreds of engineering students in and around Hyderabad.

e-Swecha is a fruit of the tree of freedom sowed by the Free Software Movement.

Crucial inputs from a team of academicians, most of them teaching in various engineering colleges has been a major contribution to the project.

Along with that, hundreds of free software communities and developers all around the world have helped in jumping over critical hurdles throughout the development of the project.

How was e-Swecha developed?

The GNU/Linux Operating system gives everyone the freedom to use, study, modify and distribute the software. This allowed the students to re-engineer the existing Operating System to the needs and requirements of the modern engineering student. By collaborating over the Internet and organizing themselves into different teams working on different modules, the Operating System was built with a tremendous show of team-work.